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10 Reasons to go on a Tadoba Safari

Owing to the highest density of tigers in India, Tadoba is affably known as the land of the tigers. Located near Nagpur in Central India, Home to over 100 tigers and over 200 species of birds, Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is on the top of the most sought after list of nature lovers, wildlife conservationists and wildlife photographers. 

Watching an action-packed tiger from a closed quarter is a dream of every wildlife enthusiast. 

Planning to indulge yourself in a safari excursion at Tadoba? Here is the list of ten things you should know before planning the perfect Tadoba safari.

#10 Sighting the Tadoba’s Big Five on a Safari

In contrast with Africa, Tadoba boasts its own version of the Big Five which includes Bengal Tiger, Indian Leopard, Sloth Bear, Gaur (Indian Bison), and Dhole (Asiatic Wild Dog). Tadoba safari gives you a chance to encounter these animals and live a day from the Jungle Book. While the endangered felines may be sighted near the water hole running after prey or just snoozing down after a hearty meal under the shade of a tree or simply crossing the trail as you make their way; the commonly found sambhar, spotted deer, or bison can be spotted across the width and breadth of the reserve. 

#9 Tadoba safari is a paradise for birdwatchers

Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve is home to over 200 species of birds. The safari gives you rare sightings of crested serpent eagle, honey buzzard, paradise flycatcher, grey-headed fishing eagle, the shy jungle fowl, and many more. Amongst one of the finest birding destinations of India, Tadoba also provides ample of opportunities for the guests to sight birds like dove, baya weaver, black Drongo, black-shouldered kite, white-throated kingfisher, red-vented bulbul, white-browed bulbul, Shikra, spotted owlet, Indian roller, jungle babbler, Asian pied starling, chestnut-shouldered Petronia, purple sunbird, purple-rumped sunbird anywhere from lodges’ bamboos to roadside trees. 

#8 Delving into the gaming drive 

Tadoba gives you many options for experiencing the wilderness of its jungle. The jungle is best explored on six-seater modified gypsies with expert guides and drivers. The day safari operates twice a day. Naturalists can also be hired to join along during the safari. During the 3-4 hours safari, you are sure to witness herds of deer wandering, gangs of bison grazing, flocks of peacocks dancing, monkeys hanging from the trees, and sloth bears sulking lazily. Everything comes to a standstill with the ‘calling’. On a lucky day (which is almost daily), you get to hear the calling from these animals which signals the sign of predators and our ultimate majestic heroes.

For an additional adrenaline rush, you may explore the jungle on night safaris. The game of prey played by those shining eyes amidst the shimmering ghost trees makes a lifetime opportunity to witness. The photographers may opt for a whole-day exclusive safari which starts 15 minutes before the morning safari and ends 15 minutes after the park closes in the evening. Beautiful picnic baskets provided by the resorts are surely going to pump up all the energy you need to roll in for the rest of the day.

#7 Tadoba is more than just a safari; it is an experience

Unlike other national parks in India, Tadoba offers several other exclusive experiences. To derive the real essence of a forest - its smell and feel, to walk on the pugdundee and trace the animal footprints like locals, one can go for a guided Jungle Walk or Cycle Safari on the wild trails leading almost 7km deep through the forest. 

Experiencing a boat safari on the backwaters along the edge of the forest or camouflaging oneself on the 10-foot-high birding machan inside the forest are great ways to watch the number of exotic and migratory birds.

#6 You can be a Jungle guard in Tadoba for a night

Tadobo offers this one-of-a-kind option of staying on a machaan for the entire night. The guests can opt to stay on a machaan inside the jungle and witness the jungle coming live at night. With the sound of air gushing through the forest and then tinkering down with the fall of leaves, with the insects murmuring near your ears, the sounds of owls filling up the forest or even the cries of animals fighting for their lives – the jungle will surely bewitch your dreams!

#5 Tadoba Lodges

Tadoba offers a range of options to choose from while you are on your trip to Tadoba. From luxury lodges to forest lodges, budget accommodation, and eco-friendly homestays, Tadoba offers something to all budgets and tastes. Most of these lodges are kid-friendly and have wifi, hot water, television, a swimming pool, and other basic amenities. 

Tadoba Reserve also offers an exotic log hut right inside the forest area. Coming with all basic amenities, this stay should be on your bucket list if you are a hardcore nature lover. Be sure to listen to the sounds of animals from the comfort of your bed and wake up to the sight of animals right from your window! 

#4 Tadoba has two forest zones 

While the core zone of the jungle is inarguably the most sought-after for experiencing inwildlife sightings during a gaming drive, Tadoba has equally (if not more) daily sightings on its buffer zones which run along the periphery of the forest. 

With 6 core gates and 16 buffer gates, there are 242 safaris for visitors daily at Tadoba. The gates however are not close to each other and therefore prior planning to safari and stay is advised. 

#3 Tadoba Safari fills fast

With over 240 safaris daily, Tadoba is humongously famous amongst wildlife enthusiasts and therefore the safari permits are mostly sold out two to four months in advance. is the official site for the booking of safari yielding three options of booking - between 60-120 days, 59-4 days, and Tatkal 3-0 days. The names of passengers (up to 6) need to be confirmed and are required at the time of booking. The buffer safaris however have an option of an add-on permit to add the passenger names two days before the safari. 

Availability of the right zone according to your preference has always been a pain point for the visitors. It is therefore always advised to check with a reliable tour operator or your resort before planning a last-minute trip to Tadoba. 

#2 Moharli is the most popular gate

Moharli Gate of Tadoba forest is one of the oldest and most popular gates and the first to get all its slots filled up. It has the maximum number of gypsies permitted every day (Core: 32 Buffer: 70 and Night: 6). Moharli has several activities and opportunities to cater to all types of travelers. 

#1 Tadoba locals peek

The tiger habitat is predominantly home to the Gond tribe and their descendants. These locals serve as guides and are employed in the lodges to earn their livelihood. To reduce human-animal conflict and promote the conservation of tigers within and beyond the boundaries of Tadoba forest, several profit and nonprofit organizations work hand in hand. 

To write your chapter in the jungles of the tiger capital, a visit to Tadoba and looking up to the majestic tigers is a must. 

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